Victor Alexander Moya
Victor Moya
Comic Book Inker

About Me

My name is Victor Moya. I am an inker by trade. Some of the tools I use are brush, pen, quill and basically whatever the page calls for. I believe in doing my jab as an inker which is, completing the drawing the penciler started while staying true to thier vision and bringing out what was intended with the pencil line.

Published Print Cred

Bare Bones Studios
Garou The Lone Wolf - issue one pencils
Garou The Lone Wolf - issue two pencils/inks

Starcross Studios
Stratejo - issue one inks
Biblical Proportions - issue one inks

Future Quake Press
Something Wicked (anthology) - issue four pencils/inks/letters

Published Online cre

Red Slime Magazine (anthology)
Issue 1 -True Love: story/art/letters
Issue 3 -First time: art/letters

True North Comics
True North -issue 8 pencils/inks
True North -issue 9 pencils/inks

White Eye Studios
Krystal (vol 2) -issue 1 inks
Lady Knights (vol 2) -issue 1 inks
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